Will the new Lipsi application replace Sarahah?

The Sarahah application had been a huge success with the younger generation, before being removed from the Android and Apple download platforms. A student’s mother launched a petition on change.org after her daughter was harassed with this app. Anonymous messaging apps are therefore very popular with young people, but less popular with parents. Sarahah’s function explains both his rapid rise and his recent disappearance. These last few days, a new application is starting to make people talk about it. This is Lipsi, the equivalent of Sarahah

To avoid the same fate as Sarahah, Lipso’s creator took some precautions. “Anonymous messaging is a very tarnished and stigmatized field… I knew it from the start,” he told the refinery. When you download the Lipsi app, you are immediately taken to the application’s privacy policy, which states that “Lipsi does not tolerate abusive behavior. It is also stated below: “Lipsi will not tolerate abusive behaviour under any circumstances. Full stop.” The creator even talks about the implementation of artificial intelligence to filter messages. This poses a data protection problem… The director specifies that information other than first name, last name and email connection is not collected If an anonymous email application can access your personal information, it no longer makes much sense. It will be necessary to follow this evolution.

In the meantime, you can still use Sarahah on your smartphone if you haven’t deleted it. The application is no longer downloadable but still works very well for those who had it before. In addition, The sarahah hack is always available online to reveal message senders. Whether the same tool will exist for the new Lipsi app remains to be seen.

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