Golf Clash : 2 tips to improve yourself quickly

If you’re a casual player, and you play golf on your smartphone when you’re bored, but want to get better, read this guide carefully!

Golf Clash is a pretty quiet game. You don’t have that pressure of a hardcore game or you can die at any time. Clashes are head-to-head with real opponents in real time. Most techniques to progress are based on how you improve your balls and golf clubs. that’s why we advise you to use our clash golf cheats system. This way, you can quickly progress, and improve your equipment at lower costs!

Technique 1 : Use a right amount of power is the key !

If you really want to beat your opponents, it will take a little concentration before you reach your goal. The Golf Clash shooting system is one of the essential elements to master in order to improve quickly. You have to choose the right power according to your equipment and the weather!

cheats on golfclash

Technique 2: Upgrade your clubs regularly:

As explained above, the equipment is essential in order to improve on this games. Once you master the shooting system, and you have good timing, the last point is to improve its collection of clubs. You can meet the daily challenges to unlock safes and hope to get some rare clubs. Open the safes the moment you receive them and make sure you do it immediately if you don’t want to have a long list of items and accessories on hold! You will usually get mostly coins and gems when you open the safes, but you can use them to buy clubs in the internal shop!


Good luck to all



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