What are the best clubs to have in your bag?

For all golf enthusiasts, it is possible to make a quick game on your phone between appointments! Golf Clash offers you the possibility of doing small 1 to 1 on different courses each time. With its innovative shooting system, you will soon fall in love with this fun game.

The idea of the game is simplistic but pleasant. The game is played on a turn-by-turn basis, and you can put the ball in the hole every turn. You must of course try to finish the course before your opponent. To pull, simply align the gauge with the bar and let go! The trick is done. It’s one of the advantages of this game: you’ll quickly take control of the technique and become a champion. This game has already attracted many players. Indeed, it has already reached almost a million active players. You’ll be sure to toruvate an opponent to your level.


Now you’re probably going to ask yourself: Which club should I choose? It depends on your style of play and the situation. For a powerful shot, choose a club “The Apache”, for maximum precision, we recommend using “The Hornet”. in the drivers category (tee shots only), the best for us is “The Apocalypse”: its power is impressive and you will never be disappointed!

But as the game progresses, it becomes more unfair… You will have to pay to unlock benefits if you want to have a chance to win your tournaments. Indeed, many players spend fortunes to equip themselves with the best clubs of the game. You won’t stand a chance against them if you settle for free clubs. Precision no longer reflects the level of the player but the money he has invested in the game. But rest assured, everything is not lost… With the new Golf Clash cheats system, you will be able to get back into the game!

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