Fortnite: the new game that beats all records

Every gamer has heard that name before. The word Fortnite has been on every mouth for a few months. It is currently the most played game in the world. A success reminiscent of that of League of Legends a few years earlier. A look back at the keys to success.

Fortnite (and more specifically are Battle Royale mode), are popular at the moment. Games in Battle Royale mode are very popular with players right now. It was PUBG who launched this movement with its survival game available on PC and XBOX. Fortnite has also embarked on the adventure with its Battle Royale mode, available free of charge on all platforms. This explains the reason for its success… It’s not every day that a good quality game is available for free, and on all consoles.

A close-knit community:

As its success grew, Epic Game (American developer) built loyalty among players. First, the game is really fun, but it has a scary side where “everything can happen very fast”. This game is very accessible to people who are not used to FPS games. Fortnite has somehow democratized the concept of the survival game Battle Royale. To quickly recall, the concept is simple: you land on an island with 100 opponents and you have to survive and eliminate the others. A deadly storm regularly narrows to force players to converge at a single point.

To develop its game in a balanced way, Epic Game releases updates every Wednesday, with some novelty, and bug fixes. In this way players are “loyal” to the game because they are given importance! A good lesson for all other video game developers.

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