Golf Clash tips : Remember to Upgrade your stuff

Golf Clash tips : Remember to Upgrade your stuff if you want reach the top ! Upgrading your clubs and ball is the key to succes, especially in later tournaments. Open chests when you get them. They can require a long time to open and it’s simply sat around idly in the event that you don’t […]

Dead Target : Zombie – The Android game reviews

This game is perfect for you if you are looking for a simple but exciting game. In this new game, the zombie waves are endless and only you can stop this chaos. Using weapons of different natures, you will be able to relax in the evening by breaking Zombie! What better way to decompress from […]

Will the new Lipsi application replace Sarahah?

The Sarahah application had been a huge success with the younger generation, before being removed from the Android and Apple download platforms. A student’s mother launched a petition on after her daughter was harassed with this app. Anonymous messaging apps are therefore very popular with young people, but less popular with parents. Sarahah’s function […]

Episode cheats to get passes?

Welcome to the universe of Episode, another amusement where everything is conceivable, and where your decisions rouse your most excellent stories. In this developmental diversion, you typify a character who carries on with his life like a story… But you compose it! There are two distinctive diversion modes: Planned for young ladies looking for romantic […]

Fortnite: the new game that beats all records

Every gamer has heard that name before. The word Fortnite has been on every mouth for a few months. It is currently the most played game in the world. A success reminiscent of that of League of Legends a few years earlier. A look back at the keys to success. Fortnite (and more specifically are […]

Ball Guide in Golf Clash

In this golf game, you have the possibility to improve your performance by unlocking accessories like new balls, or new clubs. We will see that choosing the right ball is as important as choosing the right club. Indeed, balls have huge advantages and will make some courses easier. However, remember that bullets are unique. You […]

Golf Clash : 2 tips to improve yourself quickly

If you’re a casual player, and you play golf on your smartphone when you’re bored, but want to get better, read this guide carefully! Golf Clash is a pretty quiet game. You don’t have that pressure of a hardcore game or you can die at any time. Clashes are head-to-head with real opponents in real […]

Golf Clash : St. Louis Patrick’s Day Tournament!

This game that had made so much success is far from dead! Indeed, it was even in the top 15 of the best Android games for the month of March. Many events still take place as tournaments on special occasions. For example, Playdemic has launched a special tournament around the theme of St. John’s. Patrick’s […]

What are the best clubs to have in your bag?

For all golf enthusiasts, it is possible to make a quick game on your phone between appointments! Golf Clash offers you the possibility of doing small 1 to 1 on different courses each time. With its innovative shooting system, you will soon fall in love with this fun game. The idea of the game is […]