Ball Guide in Golf Clash

In this golf game, you have the possibility to improve your performance by unlocking accessories like new balls, or new clubs. We will see that choosing the right ball is as important as choosing the right club.

Indeed, balls have huge advantages and will make some courses easier. However, remember that bullets are unique. You can only use them once. The first trick is to choose the right time. If you use a special ball too soon, you will be bored afterwards because you will never be able to use it again. So don’t waste them!

The use of these slightly different balls is not mandatory at the beginning of the game. This will just make the difference between two good level players. Indeed, on Golf Clash, it is your equipment that will make the difference. This game has long been criticized for its “pay to win” system.


A few balls:

Dead: Probably one of the best balls in the game. Its advantage is that it can be used in most situations

Snowball: This ball gives you very good control. It is often used in situations with wind or rain.

King Maker: Another of the best balls in the game. It is also the one that costs the most in gems. These balls are so expensive that you should just wait to earn them in a trunk rather than buy them. Don’t waste those bullets, and at least wait for turn 10 or 11.

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